V&A Waterfront’s the Ridge installs long-awaited facade


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With construction restrictions lifted, the Ridge’s development team has returned to site to install the long-awaited facade.

The first cross laminated timber (CLT) and glazing panels arrived and have been installed along Marine Road.

These custom-made panels with openable windows are one of the development’s key sustainability features; it will assist in the natural ventilation of the office floors. Cross-laminated timber is a green and sustainable material made from renewable wood. It sequesters carbon and it does not require the burning of fossil fuels during production.

About the Ridge

The Ridge is a landmark commercial office development currently under construction. The new 8 500 square meter building follows a string of bespoke developments situated at the iconic 123ha V&A Waterfront.

The new custom designed green building is designed to meet and to exceed the accommodation requirements of global consulting giant, Deloitte, which has commissioned the building as its Cape Town regional office.

The developed site will form the main connection between Dock Road on the main route to the original parts of the V&A Waterfront and Portswood Road, which runs just outside the north-western boundary of the property.

Along Portswood Road, the Ridge will form the apex of a new waterfront zone, dubbed the Portswood District, a green development forming a natural linkage to the Greenpoint Fringe of the Atlantic Seaboard.

The site was previously a parking lot which serviced the renowned UCT Graduate School of Business campus, the Breakwater Lodge building and, other existing commercial buildings in its vicinity.

On the ground, the Ridge will feature a few firsts for the green building and sustainability industry. These include energy efficiency, passive climate control measures, the usage of renewables, sustainable water handling and, the lowering of the building’s carbon footprint with a focus on the usage of natural lighting.

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