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About Us

WFJ Services are specialists in the Guarantee Sector, with regards to all Private, Government and Municipal Awarded Contracts. We have various Guarantees to assist the needs of all Employers, Suppliers & Engineers of South Africa. Our combined experience of over 18 years has assisted our clients with the lowest possible Facility Rates and the best and most affordable structured Collateral Rates. We also assist our clients by limiting their exposure in paying collateral and by limiting their expenses and making sure they still have cashflow to be able to do site establishment and be as productive as possible.

Our Products

Letters of Intent: Issuing of letters of intent is a service that WFJ Services (Pty)Ltd offers to you. FREE OF CHARGE. The main purpose of a letter of intent is to facilitate the start of the tender process or project between the parties involved by identifying the key business and contractual understandings that will form the basis of the final contract.

Performance Guarantee/Bond: A performance guarantee/bond is issued to the employer of a contract as a guarantee against the failure of the contractor to meet obligations specified in the awarded contract. ... A performance bond/ guarantee is issued to ensure that a contractor completes designated projects.

Retention Guarantee/Bond: A retention guarantee/bond is issued to the employer as guarantee against the amount being held back by the employer to only pay out the retention amount after maintenance period. The maintenance period usually consists of 12 months. Meaning that the contractor will not be able to get it until retention period is finish.

Advance & Suppliers Guarantee/Bond: An advance or suppliers’ guarantee/bond is issued on behalf of the contractor to the supplier/employer for a full amount of what will be received whether a product or in the form of funds. This will be issued in an agreement that the funds or product will be worked back or paid back in full.

Benefits that will meet your needs…

  • Competitive collateral requirements (0 – 10 %)
  • Instalments plans if Applicant qualifies.
  • All products for contract needs under one roof.
  • Assisting you to a Broker for your insurance needs.
  • 24 Hour Quotation time.
  • Draft and original guarantees finalised within 24 Hours. (Door to Door courier)

Contractors all risk cover, liability cover and Plant All Risk cover through authorised Financial Services Providers.

At WFJ Services we have:

  • Quick response time.
  • Years of experience.
  • Friendly staff that can help with your Guarantee and insurance needs.

Contact Details

Address: First floor, Fish Eagle Business Park, 10 Kingfisher Crescent, Meyersdal, Johannesburg, 1449
Telephone numbers: 012 492 9292, 074 236 9340
Email Address:

WFJ Services (Pty) Ltd. is a licenced Credit Provider. NCRP No. 13244

WFJ Services