Turning the inner-city into a construction site begins

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On 24 January, Executive Mayor of the City of Joburg, Herman Mashaba joined the City of Johannesburg MMCs for Economic Development and Development Planning, as well as the City manager, key stakeholders, and members of the press on a walkabout tour of the first three of 84 inner-city buildings set for development.

The event saw the mayor officially set off the City’s journey of rejuvenating the inner-city through the provision of quality low-cost accommodation.

“Since coming into office, the multi-party coalition government has made tackling the City’s housing crisis one of its top priorities for bringing change to the City of Johannesburg. It has always been the current administration’s belief that key to bringing about this change to the City is unlocking the massive potential of the inner-city – not only for the purpose of meeting our housing challenges head-on but for the purpose of creating jobs as well,” said Mashaba.

It is estimated that the City of Johannesburg’s inward migration is set at about 3 000 people per month, which undoubtedly adds greater pressure on the City to deliver services efficiently.

“In October 2017 a tender was advertised to the public availing 13 properties in various areas of the inner-city. The response that was received from developers was encouraging both at the briefing session, the acquisition of the tender documents and the submissions. In addition to this, between 80 and 100 buildings will be released this year with a potential of just over 500 buildings that can truly change Johannesburg’s skyline,” Mashaba said.

The process has culminated in the awarding of Vannin Court and Beaconsfield Court, and vacant land at 82 Gwigwi Mwrebi Street, Newtown, to EGC Properties and Johannesburg Housing Company, respectively.

Mahaba said the three properties have been awarded to these two developers who have a proven track record in the area of affordable housing and inner-city development. The developers have committed a proposed total investment of just over R204 million. Both Hillbrow properties and their associated buildings earmarked for refurbishment are expected to be completed in the next 12 months – availing 384 units for the residents of Johannesburg.

“Both EGC Properties and Johannesburg Housing Company have worked extensively in the inner-city, which pleases me immensely – a great relationship with the private sector will ensure that we continue to collaborate in the future with other investors, so we can realise a thriving inner-city where our residents can live, work, and play safely,” Mashaba said.

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