The Bluff Precinct Plan project gets green light

Arial view of The Bluff showgrounds precinct.

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The project is poised to revitalise the area, promising a brighter future for residents and visitors alike. Key projects for the next three years include the construction of the Sizakala Centre, a library, a clinic and a community hall.

AFTER months of debate and anticipation, the Bluff’s Precinct Plan (PP) project has received the green light for development. The long-awaited approval comes as a significant milestone for the community on The Bluff, and it promises to revitalise the area and stimulate economic growth.

The key projects earmarked for the ward over the next three years include the construction of the Sizakala Centre, a library, a clinic and a community hall. Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon said the project has been in the pipeline for the past 18 months, and it will demonstrate a promising future for the community.

Solomon said she has, in the past, actively engaged stakeholders in public participation sessions to contribute to the PP. She said notable attendees included developers from the eThekwini Municipality.

“We had a special request to develop a land parcel stretching from Club Road up to the dump site. I have extensively discussed these matters in public meetings as part of the Precinct Plan (PP) project. The PP was passed in 2022 as a special development through Council. This change in land-use management gives way to the current IDP, which lists the construction of the buildings which were submitted as part of the PP. Urban developers were appointed by the municipality to support the necessity for the Precinct Plan to be implemented. Public participation was done through the IDP office to put the buildings through as the request for the current project. This was attended by almost 30 residents, ”said Solomon.

She said the plan has progressed through various stages, ultimately reaching the Economic Development Committee and later the council meeting on December 17.

“I am pleased to announce that the final draft plan has been officially adopted and endorsed by the eThekwini Municipality council – marking a significant milestone for The Bluff Precinct Plan,” she added.

The Bluff area, historically residential, faces structural constraints due to its proximity to the port and industrial developments in the west and south, as well as the Indian Ocean to the north and east. These challenges, including increased densities impacting services and circulation, necessitated the development of The Bluff Precinct Plan to address land-use issues and preserve residential amenities.

The approved plans will serve as a blueprint for coordinating public and private investment, fostering sustainable development and enhancing the safety and attractiveness of the area for residents and visitors alike. Additionally, the PP will facilitate the generation of geographic information system data to support environmentally sustainable practices.

“I am delighted to share that The Bluff Precinct Plan aligns closely with the development projections outlined during a meeting with the IDP Budget Department in March.

“This plan represents a testament to our collective vision and commitment to enhancing The Bluff for generations to come. I am immensely proud to see our dreams materialise into tangible realities, ensuring a prosperous future for our beloved community,” Solomon added.

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