TAKE A LOOK | A Soweto ‘lifestyle estate’ with a football pitch and braais is now selling R1m apartments off plan

Orlando Towers Estate Unit Space & Amenities

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The Orlando Towers Lifestyle Estate has started marketing off-plan apartments for between R700,000 and R1 million.

It is named for the decorated cooling towers that will loom over the apartment buildings clustered around a football pitch and clubhouse.

The promotors say the estate will offer top-tier amenities in easy strolling distance from Bara Mall, and just down the road from the Soweto Country Club.

A new lifestyle estate in Soweto has launched off-plan sales for apartments its promotors say will bring top-tier amenities – of the kind more common in suburbs further north – to the area.

Orlando Towers Estates is named for the huge cooling towers that will loom over the finished development, across the road from Bara Mall. It is due to feature four-storey blocks of apartment buildings with units ranging in size from 45 square metres (starting at R670,575, on the third floor) to 68 square metres (for up to R969,620 on the ground or third floors).

Much will be standard fare for new developments: gas water heating and stoves to lessen dependence on Eskom, biometric security at the entrance, and braai and play areas for common use.

The estate is also due to have a somewhat less common facility: a small football pitch at its heart.

Residents could stroll across the road to Bara Mall, the developers say, or pop over to the Soweto Country Club or Vilakazi Street, just a few kilometres away.

Eventually, the area around the Orlando Dam is due to have four such estates, with a total of 2,800 apartments of at least two bedrooms each.

Here is what the Soweto lifestyle estate is due to look like.

The estate's marketing material shows four-storey apartment blocks that would not be at all out of place in Johannesburg's northern suburbs, with plenty of parking on one side....

... as well lushly green courtyard spaces with a focus on children.

The developers envision a mixed-use common area, with different types of seating and play areas.

The small football pitch is front-and-centre in that plan.

The envisaged living spaces are similarly multi-function, and compact...

... although the larger units offer more space and amenities such as en-suite bathrooms.

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