Road maintenance of the R46 between Wolseley and Touwsrivier

Shows old surface vs new surface such as at Km40 intersection on TR22_2

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Western Cape Government

Road maintenance of the R46 between Wolseley and Touwsrivier is expected to be completed before the end of 2024

Media release by Western Cape Department of Infrastructure

The Western Cape Department of Infrastructure’s roads maintenance project between Wolseley and Touwsrivier is well underway and looks set to be completed before the end of 2024. This periodic maintenance project is located between Wolseley, Ceres, and Touwsrivier along the R46.

The project provides for the periodic maintenance on the road between Wolseley and Ceres (TR22/1 from km 20.6 to km 36.05) and between Ceres and Touwsrivier (TR22/2 from km 3.55 to km 71.8) a considerable stretch of road. This project also includes the 270m surfaced portion of MR316 which intersects with TR22/2, the section between Ceres and Touwsrivier.

“The success of our well-maintained road network in the Western Cape has always rested on our strategy of maintaining a rigorous preventative and periodic road maintenance programme,” said Advocate Chantal Smith, Acting Head of Department. “This project, costing just less than R131m, started in August 2023 and is set to be completed during the second quarter of the 2024/25 financial year,” she added.

Speaking on the objective of undertaking such a project, the Western Cape Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, said, “This project aims to extend the functional life of the road. This is very important when working in a tight fiscal environment to be proactive. With limited resources, one cannot simply rebuild roads once they have substantially deteriorated. Due to an underperforming freight rail system, there has been a notable increase and over-reliance on road infrastructure in recent years. In order to avoid rebuilding roads, as it is a costly and time-consuming exercise, maintenance is critical to keeping our road network functioning.”

“A target was further set for 15,000 person-days of work to be created on the project, which translates to 226 work opportunities. A total of 12 local enterprise contracts also makes part of the set contract participation goals as we want Western Cape businesses to be our partners and benefit from this work," the Minister added. 

Technical Information

The periodic maintenance of TR22/1 and TR22/2 between Wolseley and Touwsrivier involves intervention in the form of pre-treatment works (surface repairs, shoulder repairs, and crack sealing), the application of an ultra-thin friction course layer, and the application of a seal.

Structural works included in the scope of the project involve the repair and reconstruction of approximately 50 culvert inlets/outlets and four major culverts.

Appurtenant works include the application of road marking, and the installation of road studs, road signs, guardrails, and fencing.

*Accurate as of the time of this release.

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