Revamping works on old V&A Waterfront swing bridge in South Africa in good progress

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Revamping works on the the old swing bridge at the V&A Waterfront which connects the Clock Tower and Pierhead in South Africa is in good progress.

According to construction contractor Stefanutti Stocks Coastal and designer SMEC South Africa the new bridge will be on site for a crane to hoist it into the air and position it in place by June 18, 2019.

The old bridge has been functioning as a walkway for pedestrians crossing the stretch of water connecting the two precincts. Additionally the bridge is flexible enough to be swung away to allow ships free passage into the sea.

Swing bridge The bridge was first constructed in 1997 when there was less pedestrian traffic but with new developments at the Silo district and the growing population a larger bridge was needed. An estimate of about 180,000 and 240,000 pedestrians cross the bridge every month depending on season and events.

The swing bridge is 4m wide and 42m long. Works on the new bridge began late 2018 and is being done in two construction phases. Phase 1 was completed in February and installation period started on May.

The massive bridge will need to be craned into position and will only require two days to be barged to the cut and craned into place, however time will be required to remove the old bridge and to commission the new one.

The new bridge will rotate on one bearing similar to a crane power, it is mechanically advanced and increases capacity during peak periods. In addition advanced technology will ensure that the bridge requires less mechanical maintenance.

While the bridge undergoes construction works, ferry services will run between the Clock Tower and Pierhead Deck while MyCiTi bus shuttle service will operate between Silo Square and Bascule Bridge.

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