Rehabilitation project at Emmerentia top dam still underway

After years of delay, the project finally gets underway.

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Northcliff Melville Times

Explore the ongoing rehabilitation project at Johannesburg Botanical Gardens where the upper dam in Emmerentia is undergoing improvements after years of delay.

The Emmerentia upper dam rehabilitation is still underway and focusing on the upper dam’s restoration and engineering works. The project which commenced at the beginning of February this year, aims to improve the dam’s structural integrity, quality and overall visitor experience.

The rehabilitation project includes a comprehensive range of activities, such as site establishment, desilting of the upper dam, construction of a spillway, the creation of new dam embankment, and the construction of a sand trap. These steps will enhance the dam’s functionality and ensure its long-term safety.

“The primary purpose of this rehabilitation project is to improve the structural integrity and environmental quality of the top dam,” explained the community liaison, Lindelani Ndlovu.

“We aim to prevent siltation, enhance water quality, and ensure the dam’s safety and functionality for the benefit of both visitors and the aquatic ecosystem within the park.”

During the construction period, visitors are advised to exercise caution and adhere to the guidelines provided. Restricted areas will be clearly marked to ensure the safety of visitors, especially dog owners, pedestrians, runners, and cyclists.

It is crucial for everyone to follow these guidelines and cooperate with the project team to ensure a smooth execution. Visitors can look forward to a range of improvements and additions to the dam infrastructure.

These include enhanced water management systems, improved safety features, and the creation of a renewed dam island to support bird migration and dam eco-life. These enhancements will contribute to a healthier and more vibrant aquatic ecosystem within the park. While temporary disruptions to water activities may occur due to the construction, the long-term improvements will enhance water safety and quality, benefiting all water-related activities.

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