R36/Badfontein road is open for traffic

R36/Badfontein road

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The R36 from Lydenburg to Machadodorp is now open for traffic. It was closed by community members yesterday, February 21, in a protest against the delays to some roadworks.

More than 10 hours of lost time were forced on drivers of ore-carrying trucks yesterday, February 21, as community members of Badfontein closed down the R36, preventing any traffic flow to and from Lydenburg.

Two trucks were parked across the road, which made it impossible to get to or from town via this route.

Sipho Nkosi, a community representative, told Steelburger/Lydenburg News on scene yesterday:

“It has been more than three years since the main contractor, Edwin Construction, started with the rehabilitation of an 11km stretch of road on the R36. The company had to stop and evacuate twice on account of non-payment by the Mpumalanga Department of Public Works Roads and Transport [DPWRT]. We have had enough. Either the department comes and addresses us and see the road condition for themselves, or we close it off indefinitely.”

The newspaper forwarded queries to the DPWRT following the closure. As soon as feedback has been received, an update will be published.

At the last count late yesterday afternoon, a 15km-long line of trucks had formed on the road on account of the blockade.

Nkosi confirmed that the road was open again today as the community members were invited by municipal officials to attend a meeting at Thaba Chweu Local Municipality’s chambers.

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