Promenade planned from Shelly Beach to Margate

The suggested promenade is planned to go via Lucien beach.

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South Coast Herald

SCH Local News | The Uvongo Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (URRA) supports the construction of a promenade in the area.

Plans to build a promenade from Shelly Beach to Margate are on the cards.

Ward 19 councillor George Henderson confirmed the proposal a week ago.

Henderson commented after the Uvongo Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (URRA) chairperson, Hardus Coetzee, raised concerns about the stalled plans to build a promenade in Uvongo and surrounding areas.

Coetzee said plans were approved to build a promenade from St Mike’s to Uvongo before the amalgamation of Hibiscus Coast and Ezinqoleni municipalities.

He said after the merger in 2016, nothing has been said about the plans.

Coetzee who is trying to establish an Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) in Uvongo along with the URRA, said it was important for them to know the current status of the approved plans.

“The promenade will benefit our area greatly. Uvongo is a beautiful place, a promenade with little coffee shops and other businesses will make the area more attractive. The security measures that come with the proposed UIP will go hand in glove with whatever comes with the promenade,” he said.

Meanwhile, Henderson said that Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has not forgotten about the plans to build a promenade from Shelly Beach to Margate.

He said since the plans are in the municipality’s Integrated Development Planning (IDP), they will be passed with the budget at the end of May.

Henderson said now the municipality has to find the money to bring the plans to life.

After numerous attempts, a comment from RNM municipal spokesperson, Simon April, about the plans and where the municipality will get the money for the construction of the promenade, was not received at the time of going to press.

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