PE Airport will not be moving, says Acsa

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A recent report that Port Elizabeth International Airport would be relocated to the Coega Special Economic Zone is incorrect, says Airports Company South Africa.

Acsa together with the the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality says the long-term vision for the airport, sees it remaining where is, "with a parcel of land to be reserved for future expansion".

"In recent times we have discussed Airports Company South Africa’s plans for infrastructure extensions and upgrades to the airport. When finalised, implementation of these plans would take place over several years and involve significant investment," says Acsa.

"The airport and surrounding areas have been earmarked for considerable economic development."

Port Elizabeth International Airport is one of two airports servicing the Eastern Cape, the other being East London Airport. Known as the ‘ten minute airport’, Port Elizabeth Airport is currently situated within five minutes drive from the central business district and the beach front and no more than ten minutes from other areas of importance in the city. It was recently voted one of Africa's best airports - serving under 2-million passengers.

Acsa says it is prioritising airport developments at PE International that will enhance the passenger experience as part of broader efforts to develop business and tourism in the region.

The airport’s location as a hub for business and industry is central to these plans. The airport also represents the accumulation of considerable investment over decades, an investment that cannot be replaced or substituted.

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