Nxesi calls for competency checks before construction projects start

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East Coast Radio Website

The Department of Employment and Labour has called for thorough competency checks before construction projects get off the ground. 

Minister Thulasi Nxesi visited a site in Ballito, where a bank collapsed on Sunday, killing four construction workers. 

The sole survivor's recovering in hospital. 

"The inspectors in the department are not micromanaging a construction site," the minister said during Tuesday's visit. 

"Those people appoint the appropriate professionals, hence then bodies like the Council for Built Environment look into the question of the people who have been appointed."

As investigations continue into the Zen Drive incident, Nxesi said key roleplayers, including KwaDukuza and Public Works officials, must be held accountable. 

"All of us will have to be accountable, all of us as the different structures will have to say what was our role, what was the role of the inspectors, technical and engineering people. It could also start from the design, was it proper and who suppose to be looking after that."

 One Ballito resident told Newswatch he is still in shock. 

"In the morning I spoke to the guys, an hour later they were gone. It goes to show how short life is."


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