Newlands Drive’s stormwater infrastructure to be upgraded

 Part of the work to be carried out will be to upgrade the stormwater infrastructure.

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The road was recently resurfaced and tarred, but plans are now in place to upgrade the stormwater system.

WARD 35 councillor Nicole Bollman has given an update on the plan to improve road and stormwater infrastructure on Newlands Drive in uMhlanga which was damaged by flash floods and heavy rains in January this year.

At the time, severe thunderstorms accompanied by flash floods left a trail of destruction in areas across north Durban.

Much of the surface of Newlands Drive was damaged in the flash floods, leaving massive potholes, while the sewerage pipe was flooded with sand, resulting in a sewage overflow.

The road was recently resurfaced and tarred, however, Bollman confirmed that the eThekwini Municipality has plans to upgrade infrastructure to help cope with any future storms.

“There is still quite a bit of work to be carried out on Newlands Drive, however, it must be understood that the work undertaken so far is temporary in nature. I welcome the resurfacing of the road as it now makes it easier for vehicles to use this road. I’ve been advised by the City that the long-term solution for the road entails the upgrade of stormwater and road infrastructure which will be able to better cope with future storm events.

“There are two particular sections on the road where the area around the stormwater drain itself was damaged. There is also work to be carried out on sections of the pavement. In an email exchange with City officials, I was informed the project has been recorded, and the City has made funding requests. While there is no allocation of budget for the project, I do believe this will benefit the residents on Newlands Drive,” she said.

Earlier this year, the City detailed a report providing the cost implications after the heavy rainfall from January 13 to 16, saying the extensive infrastructure damage amounted to R1.4 billion.

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