New crime syndicate targets construction sites in Durban

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Northglen News

GREENWOOD Park police have advised construction site bosses to beef up their security measures following a spate of incidents where they have been robbed.

On more than one occasion, construction site guards have been targeted by criminals who steal fuel from the construction vehicles.

Greenwood Park police spokesperson sergeant, Vincent Mthembu said the criminals generally strike after working hours.

“Recently a guard was attacked by two armed suspects on one of the construction sites in the area. The suspects demanded the guard’s two-way radio device and told him that they were there came to work. While the one suspect held the guard hostage, the other one went to drain diesel from the excavator,”said Mthembu.

He went on to say, “Site managers are advised to avoid storing large volumes of fuel on sites, especially after hours.”

The suspects fled with two cell phones, a two way radio and an undisclosed amount of diesel.

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