Makhaza police station: residents want answers

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Makhaza residents in Khayelitsha, are furious because the police management has been keeping mum about when a temporary police station will be built.

On Wednesday, Heart FM News engaged with the Community Poling Forum and South African National Civic Organisation on the field earmarked for the construction of the facility.

In August, the police’s the top brass announced that the process to build the station was scheduled to start on the 1st of November.

But there’s no sign of construction that might take place.

The only indication of a SAPS building on this field, is a small wall on which the words “Makhaza Police Station” is painted.

The CPF’s Vuyo SikhoNkwane says the police management doesn’t respect the local residents..

“ These officials are not taking us seriously and are playing with us. Yes, indeed we are frustrated but we try to control our tempers, because of massive crime happening here”

There’s a temporary police container within a shopping centre in the area, but that closes along with the shops at end of the business day.

And Sanco’s Cynthia Feke says this takes a take toll on people, especially in the evenings.

“ More than 20 years ago they promised that they will build a police station here, and there’s no communication about those plans with our ward councillor. Crime is huge here in Makhaza. While we have a container [temporary police station] at the shopping centre, but people can’t use it in the evenings because it’s closed”.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Police management was yet to respond to our enquiries at the time of the publication.

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