List of the 20 tallest buildings in Africa in 2020

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Over time, Africa has managed to put up superb structures, including some of the tallest towers in the world. Starting with only a handful of major towns in Africa with skyscrapers, new developments have led to more cities with superstructures. The superstructures in the motherland come as unique and as recognizable as the rest globally if not more.

At this point, it looks like Africa will continue to have a rise in the established superstructures. Do you want to know which country in Africa has the tallest building? Let's have a look at these superstructures.

The towers have been ranked according to their height.

1. The Leonardo, South Africa
Standing at an impressive 234 m, the modern Leonardo has 55 floors. The skyscraper not only boasts of being one of the tallest buildings in South Africa but also in the whole continent.

2. Carlton Centre, South Africa
Carlton Centre is the second-highest in South Africa, standing at 223 m and 50 floors. Construction began in 1967 and ended in 1974. Not only does the tower have office floors, but it also provides various shopping centers and eateries.

3. Cairo Tower, Egypt
At a height of 187 m, the building is also known by the locals as Nasser's Pineapple. It was built in 1961 under the leadership of the former late Egyptian President Nasser. Its construction came after Nasser opted to use money given to him by the US to buy firearms, and its architectural design embodies a lotus plant with a latticework design.

4. Ponte City Apartments, South Africa
Positioned in the Hillbrow area, the apartments have a height of 173 m with 54 floors, thus being the highest residential skyscraper in the continent. Its architectural structure is cylindrical with an open central space for more light to reach the building, making it the first of its kind.

5. Marble Towers, South Africa
Marble Towers was built in 1973 and are located within the central business district of Johannesburg, hosting a total of 32 floors at a height of 152.1 m. Johannesburg is considered to be one of the cities with the tallest buildings in this continent.

6. Pearl Dawn, South Africa
Located at KwaZulu Natal, Pearl Dawn is a 31-story residential structure built from 2006 up to 2010, and its height is 152 m. Offering modern and well-furnished apartments, one can be assured of relaxation at its best.

7. South Africa Reserve Bank Building
The superstructure stands at 150 m and is a 38-floor building. The construction of the concrete tower began in 1986 and became complete in 1988. The bank is the central bank of South Africa, and so it mandates the responsibility of the country's financial position.

8. 88 on Field, South Africa
The skyscraper 88 on Field stands at 147 m and has 25 floors built-in 1985. It is mostly used for commercial purposes.

9. Britam Tower, Kenya
Britam Tower is a skyscraper for commercial purposes with a height of 200 m. 31 floors, it is on the list of the tallest buildings in Eastern Africa and the 3rd tallest in the entire continent, answering the question ''which is the tallest building in East Africa?''. Its design is prismatic, thus offering an elegant yet outstanding modern look.

10. UAP Tower, Kenya
UAP Tower is a commercial skyscraper with a height of 163 m and 33 floors. The commercial complex had was completed in 2015. Built to meet international standards, its offices are efficient and allow for tenant comfortability.

11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt
The building stands at 143 m with 39 floors, constructed in 1994. The structure takes on a postmodernist style of architecture.

12. Grand Hyatt Cairo, Egypt
At the height of 142 m, Grand Hyatt provides an opportunity to experience proper luxury. The location of the hotel makes it an exquisite tourist location. Also, with the restaurants around there, one can access 5-star meals.

13. PSPF Twin Towers, Tanzania
PSPF Towers are twin centers, and they stand at a height of 153 m and 35 floors. The construction of the towers began in 2011, and it was complete by 2014. The PSPF Towers offer both commercial and residential tenancy.

14. Times Towers, Kenya
At a height of 140 m, the 33-floor commercial structure was built in 1997 and was specially designed to withstand earthquakes. It holds the title of the third-largest tower in Kenya. In terms of office tenancy, the whole building hosts the Kenya Revenue Authority.

15. IMOB Business Tower, Angola
Located in Luanda, Angola, IMOB Business Tower is the highest tower in Angola with a height of 145 m and 35 floors. The tower's construction took a total of 6 years. The building's main use is for commercial purposes.

16. Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt
The Four Seasons Hotel stands at 127 m and presents its guests with a breathtaking view of the River Nile. Only minutes away from the airport, one can easily catch a drive to the hotel, which offers a variety of services from restaurants to jacuzzi services.

17. Casablanca Finance City Tower, Morocco
At 136 m, the Casablanca Finance Tower is aimed at setting the level for the construction of architectural landmarks and was completed in 2019. It has lots of offices and ample underground parking spaces.

18. Tours Mpila, Republic of Congo
Standing at 135 m, the tower consists of two pillars and is the tallest structure in the Republic of Congo.

19. NTC Tower, Sudan
Located in Sudan's city of Khartoum, it is the largest superstructure in Sudan at 130 m. the tower hosts the National Telecommunications Corporation. The tower is responsible for the management of telecommunication services in Sudan.

20. Tour CNPS, Cameroon
The Tour CNPS stands at 132 m, completed in 1982. Its architectural design is that of modernism. The skyscraper offers a category of commercialization to allow for the tenancy of commercial offices.

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