Kenville Road is finally open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Kenville Road

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Durban — The Durban Metro Police Service has announced that Kenville Road has been reopened.

On Monday night, metro police said in a statement: “The public is advised that Kenville Road is open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.”

“Motorists can use both Kenville Road and Willowfield Crescent as a detour during the construction period at Sea Cow Lake Road.”

Last week, metro police advised the public that Kenville Road would be reopened once speed humps were installed.

In a brief statement on Facebook on Wednesday, metro police said Kenville Road would be reopened after speed humps were installed on and near the bridge for increased community safety. Completion of the speed humps and the reopening of the bridge was expected by April 24.

Pedestrians were to use the Kenville Road staircase and follow the driveway path that leads into Sea Cow and Inanda Road.

Initially, the eThekwini Municipality said Kenville Road was expected to be closed from February 19, 2018, to April 30, 2019, in order to accommodate the realignment of Inanda Road and the construction of a new bridge along Kenville Road.

The affected part of the road was between Sea Cow Lake and 37 Kenville Road, and the road was to be permanently closed to the public during the upgrades and accessible only to construction vehicles.

The public would be able to access a portion of Kenville Road through Smithfield and Kew roads. Services, including water, sewer, electricity, stormwater, Neotel and Telkom, might be affected.

Earlier in the month, the Daily News reported that Kenville residents were asked to be patient as the Kenville Road closure might take extra time to open due to the safety concerns of children.

So said ward councillor Bobby Maharajh after residents held a meeting with engineers working on-site to voice their frustrations caused by the road closure. It has been five years since the road was closed, and the closure has affected residents who, in the past, travelled 400 metres to get on to Inanda Road and then on to North Coast Road.

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