JRA completes major projects in Eldorado Park and Orange Farm

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​The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has successfully completed a stormwater reconstruction project in Eldorado Park and launched #OperationRestore​ in Kliptown's Ward 17.

Following flooding in Eldorado Park, the JRA undertook a comprehensive stormwater channel upgrade project on Park Street and Koper Street. 

"The project involved the decommissioning of the old, ineffective channel and construction of new dual channels with improved gradient and amorflex pavement or stone pitch transitions," says Zweli Nyathi, acting CEO of the JRA. 

"This will ensure efficient water flow and mitigate future flooding risks." 

Nyathi says the project team, highlighting its management composition of women, fostering skills development and workplace equity.

Scope of the Eldorado Park project:
• Complete decommissioning of the old stormwater channel.
• Construction of new dual channels with improved gradient for efficient water flow.
• Stone pitching along the channels for enhanced functionality.
• Widening of open channels and installation of new stormwater pipes.

"We are grateful for the commitment shown by Eldorado Park residents to maintain the cleanliness of the new channels," says Cllr Kenny Kunene, the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Transport in the City of Johannesburg. 

"Preventing illegal dumping is crucial to ensure unobstructed water flow and the long-term effectiveness of this project. Residents have previously experienced significant property damage due to flooding, and this collaborative effort aims to prevent future occurrences."

#OperationRestore Launched in Kliptown

The JRA has also initiated #OperationRestore in Kliptown's Ward 17. It will focus on kerb reconstruction and road rehabilitation on Cunningham Road and Beacon roads.
Beacon Road has been experiencing waterlogging and flooding, leading to asphalt washout. "The blocked drainage system, caused by silt from the nearby informal settlement, is a contributing factor," says Nyathi.

"#OperationRestore will address these issues with a temporary solution of applying, levelling, and compacting mill chips on washed-out sections. Additionally, kerb inlets will be rebuilt, and drainage pipes will be cleared using jet vac technology."

The JRA remains committed to improving Johannesburg's road infrastructure and mitigating flood risks for the safety and well-being of residents. JRA also celebrated the successful completion of rehabilitation works on Link Road and repairs on Vincent Road in Orange Farm, Ward 4.

Link Road underwent essential rehabilitation due to significant water ingress damage. "To address this issue," says Nyathi, "we had to remove a structure impacting water flow and then took steps to strengthen the road base and improve drainage. This included reshaping and improving the gradient of the stormwater channel, which is crucial for long-term road sustainability."

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