DBE: Hard Lockdown hampered progress of improving school infrastructure

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CAPE TOWN - The Department of Basic Education (DBE) said that it had experienced major challenges during the hard COVID-19 lockdown that hampered its progress with regard to school infrastructure.

A roundtable discussion on school infrastructure was held on Tuesday.

DBE and officials from the provincial education departments delivered presentations to the portfolio committee on basic education.

The department said that one of the biggest challenges it faced during the hard lockdown was the fact that no construction could take place.

This meant that the renovation or building of schools couldn’t go ahead.

It said that factories closed their doors and when it was time to return to work, there was a national shortage of cement and roof sheeting placing further constraints on projects.

During its presentation, the Northern Cape Education Department admitted that infrastructure in that province wasn't what it should be.

There weren't enough desks, tables and the like, provincial education officials told MPs.

The department needed to buy more than 40,000 chairs and more than 37,000 desks.

In KwaZulu-Natal, authorities said that most of their infrastructure projects had been affected by budget cuts.

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