Construction work never stopped, says municipality

The current state of Songozwi Street between Grobler Street and the N1 in Louis Trichardt.

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Questions have arisen as to why construction work had seemingly stopped on the section of Songozwi Street between the N1 and Grobler Street in Louis Trichardt, which has led to major traffic headaches in the past few weeks.

This section of road was ripped up without any warning at the beginning of May. Since then, construction work also seemingly stopped at the busy Songozwi and Munnik Street intersection where the road surface was also removed.

Municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi responded this week to the newspaper’s media enquiry about the status of the project. Bobodi stated that the construction process had never stopped.

“The contractor was just waiting for the base layer test results from the laboratory, which they have since received. They will then proceed with the process. Completion is anticipated by the end of June this year,” Bobodi said regarding the section of road between the N1 and Grobler Street.

Whether the same applies to the Songozwi and Munnik Street intersection is not clear.

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