Company helping to reduce plastic waste by using it to make bricks

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Cape Town - The Centre for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC) South Africa has been awarded the prestigious Dow Business Impact Fund award worth US$100 000 (about R1.4 million), for their groundbreaking new concrete modifier made from mixed plastic waste.

RESIN8™ is a lightweight concrete modifier that decreases weight, increases strength, increases thermal properties, increases job opportunities and ultimately cleans the environment by tackling the global plastic waste problem.

With this funding, the CRDC SA is set to expand and employ dozens with the development of twenty-one new RESIN8™ plants in South Africa, which will be operating at full capacity within five years.

About 40% of the plastic waste used in these plants will be sourced from informal settlements, where there are massive amounts of plastic waste damaging the already impoverished areas.

The pilot plant, already operating in South Africa, has now created ten permanent jobs and used 20 tons of plastic waste to make RESIN8™ for the construction of new RDP housing.

CRDC SA business and communications Director Deon Robbertze said that the organisation had always strived to achieve sustainable environmental solutions.

“By working with consumer plastic producers, Pepsico and Tiger Brands, and with waste collectors, such as Wasteplan, we have the feedstock to create a supply stream for high-quality construction materials. Solving three of our most pressing matters: the recovery of waste plastics from the environment, job creation and the housing deficit,” said Robbertze.

CRDC Global was founded in Costa Rica, where they developed a substantial housing project. The organisation is thrilled that they are now able to accelerate its expansion in South Africa.

Africa sustainability and advocacy manager (packaging and specialty plastics) at Dow for EMEA, Adwoa Coleman said that collaboration was integral to implement the use of RESIN8™ across the globe.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with other partners to ensure RESIN8™ is a driver for good in South Africa, on the African continent and throughout the world,” said Coleman.

These plants will use 250 000 tons of plastic waste every year that would otherwise have caused further damage in landfill sites, the wasteland, and the oceans.

CRDC SA is spearheading one of the most notable and effective initiatives to eradicate the monumental plastic waste problem in South Africa as well as help to build communities and infrastructure.

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