Beitbridge border fence among six entry ports being prioritised by govt

Beitbridge Border Fence

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Around R40 million was spent on the Beitbridge border fence in 2020, but three years on, it remains porous and ineffective.

JOHANNESBURG – The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) said the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa at Beitbridge was still without a fence, after the one erected was found to be ineffective.

The department gave an update on the National Infrastructure Investment Plan on Tuesday, detailing projects that had begun and others already completed.

DPWI is projected to spend R903 billion on infrastructure in the medium term, and over R400 million of that will go towards state-owned companies, public entities and public-private partnerships.

Government wants the two companies contracted to erect the fence, Magwa Construction and Profteam CC, to repay their profits.

About R40 million was spent on the fence at the Beitbridge Border Post at Musina in 2020.

However, three years later, the border remains porous and ineffective.

The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Sihle Zikalala on Tuesday listed Beitbridge among six ports of entry that were being prioritised for improvement.

However, his deputy Bernice Swarts said securing the border was the work of the defence ministry.

"They are the custodians of making sure that we do not have porous borders. But for now, the minister was there, and I'm sure you have seen when he was also there that the project is not good, because of the fencing that was put in during that time. In fact, we can say that there is no fence."

Zikalala was unable to give details on hand on the budget for upgrades at the country’s border posts.

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