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Recent Projects

Are you interested in Construction and Building Projects mainly in the Private Sector?

Take a look at these...

Recent Projects

Leads 2 Business - A Leads Solution that you can scale to your business needs.

We have an specific team dedicated to researching private sector tenders and construction projects.

By providing information that focuses on private construction contracts in South Africa & Africa, our service is one of the fastest ways to identify new opportunities in the project development lifecycle, as well as which companies and people to target.

Everyday we research new tender opportunities. So we see it as our job to help you do yours! We have a full range of tenders conveniently categorised by industry, province and CIDB grading.

Customise your profile and find the perfect leads relevant to your business. One source providing you with all the online information you need to make the right decisions to grow your business.

Contract and Tender Award information is highly sought after. Clients all want to know who was awarded the projects or tender!

Our research team aims to obtain the following key information: the name of Contractor / Professional who was awarded the contract, the estimated value of the contract, and the date the contract was awarded.

Is your company looking to expand its reach and scope of works into Africa?

Our areas of coverage include: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Madagascar.

Tenders are sourced throughout Africa through our extensive network of newspapers, online resources and personal contacts.

Leads 2 Quotes (L2Q) is a price enquiry system used by estimators to distribute electronic bills of quantities to Subcontractors, Manufacturers and Suppliers.

With such short lead times on tenders in South Africa, this online pricing environment has become essential to keeping ahead.

Do Contractors know about your Company?

Get listed on our Construction Directory and receive Requests for Quotes from the Industries most well known players.

Respond to quotes by pricing online, to help address that all important short lead time.

In the last 30 Days:
Projects Captured
In the last 30 days
Tenders Captured
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RFQs Sent
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Directory Contacts Updated
In the last 30 days

Whether you are starting out in the construction industry and only want to reside on a Open Quotes, or if you are an industry giant engaged in multi-million rand building projects. We have a lead solution that will assist your business along the way.

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Support as part of our service is as important as the leads we provide. There are several ways we achieve great service levels: Live Help via our web interface, telephonic and email support. Training on how best to use our service to your companies benefit.The ability to contact the person who is responsible for researching the lead you are working with.

Did I mention we have a super friendly staff compliment, why not chat to us now on Live Help chat?

We have a great help library at your disposal, so if there is anything you are not certain of, take a moment (most of them are less than 30 seconds long) for a quick overview as to how that aspect of our service works. To make this process easier, our entire help library is categorised visually and by tag, which makes identifying your area of help, an absolute breeze!

Explore help

We have a lot of information which we believe can benefit your company. The challenge with having so much to share is that it can seem overwhelming. Our interface is easy to use, with leads and information being neatly grouped into areas for you to understand.If there is anything you are unsure of, help is a click, call or chat away and we would be happy to hear from you - we are always looking for ways to make things easier, simpler and better, while still providing the rich wealth of information which is going to help your business.



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