Tender Details Supply of Students and Staff Furniture and Staff including Beddings

Supply of Students and Staff Furniture and Staff including Beddings
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  • Created on: 13 January 2017.
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The Sokoto State Government represented by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Sokoto wishes to invite interested and reputable contractors with relevant experience and requisite expertise to apply for the pre-qualification and bid for categorized Renovations, Constructions and Supplies to be executed within the 2016 Budget: Conversion of Army Day Secondary School to Command Hybrid Secondary School, Sokoto: Lot II: Supply of Students and Staff Furniture and Staff including Beddings.

Site Inspection

No Details

Closing Date

18 January 2017 (Check time with Local Authorities)

Document Collection

Deposit Details: N20,000.00 (Non Refundable)


All interested contractors are invited to submit the following before collecting the Tenders Bids Documents: i. Certificate of Contract Registration with Sokoto State Government; ii. Tax Clearance for three (3) years; iii. Certificate of Registration with Cooperate Affairs Commission in case of Companies iv. Evidence of Financial Capability; v. Evidence of Experience and execution of similar projects; vi. Equipment and Technical Capability; vii. Annual Turnover and VAT Remittance Certificate. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Delivery Point: Deliver and Address to: The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Shehu Kangiwa Secretariat, Sokoto, Nigeria. Contract Details: No Details
Financing Institution: No Details Language: English
Validity Period: No Details


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